Britta Osthaus

Britta Osthaus

Senior Lecturer

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"I did my PhD on canine problem solving abilities at the University of Exeter, where I also worked as a Teaching Fellow.

My research focusses on animal cognition, in particular on problem-solving abilities in dogs, horses, mules and donkeys, with the overall aim of improving welfare by enhancing our understanding of their ways of thinking.

Some of my teaching responsibilities are closely linked to my research, as I am teaching Evolutionary Psychology, and Animal Cognition.

Additionally I teach the following: at Level 4 (First Year) Research Methods, and Evolutionary Psychology as part of the Brain and Mind module. At Level 5 (Second Year) I offer an optional seminar on Evolutionary Psychology, and at Level 6 (Third Year) a module on the Psychology of Design. I supervise a variety of final year projects, ranging from the evolutionary causes of dental phobia to quantity perception in horses and dogs."