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Chris is Director of Music for the University and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Creative Arts and Industries. Apart from his academic work, he sustains a lively career as a professional musician; his work as a Tenor Lay Clerk in the Cathedral Choir at Canterbury included recordings, BBC radio and TV broadcasts, and international tours, notably to the USA, Holland, Italy and Norway. In addition to this, he undertakes regular professional work as singer and conductor in the area. His specialist interests include the music of the English Reformation; the archives of the Canterbury Catch Club; the music of Canterbury-based composer Alan Ridout; and the songs of such humourists as Flanders and Swann, Noel Coward, Jake Thackeray and Richard Stilgoe.

Chris's work on the Canterbury Catch Club, a musical society which met throughout the long nineteenth century in the city, became a book published by Cambridge Scholars entitled "The Canterbury Catch Club: Music in the Frame" in 2019. He has also edited a book of catches and glees with an accompanying CD featuring himself and fellow-lay clerks—forming the acapella group 'Cantuar'. He has given conference papers on this and related subjects throughout the UK and further afield, in Salzburg, Venice, St Petersburg, Xi'an, Hong Kong, Athens and Barcelona.