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Studying for Combined Honours

Are you finding it hard to decide between two subjects you enjoy? If so, you could tailor your degree with a combined honours course. Variety, flexibility and a chance to maximise your employability are just some of the advantages on offer when you choose to study a combined degree.

We offer one of the widest selection of combined honours degrees in the UK.

A combined honours degree is one degree covering two subject areas. It will allow you to:

• explore two subjects you enjoy and gain a wider set of knowledge and skills

•tailor your degree to suit your own personal preferences, giving you a greater choice of what you study

• meet more students to work with and make friends.

Watch this short video where Cathi Fredricks, our Director of Combined Honours explains how it works.

“The best thing about studying two subjects is the variety you get within your coursed and the ability to look at things with 2 perspectives. “

Harrison, Events Management and American Studies student